I am… A lover of God. A survivor, a fighter of Marfan Syndrome. Passionate about many things, passive about few. A friend of Jesus. A sister. A loyal friend. A daughter, granddaughter. A niece. An aunt! Talkative. Loving, Caring. A Graphic Designer. A Child of God! Educated on what I believe in. Sarcastic. Independent. Stubborn.

I enjoy: All things coffee! Kids – especially my nephews. nieces. Travel. Adventure. Cooking. Challenges. A good sense of humor. Chocolate. Summer days at the lake (especially on a jet ski)! Laughing so hard I cry! JOY. Board games. Dinner parties. Movies. Politics. Reading. Missions. Card games. Serving God. Fall leaves and rainy days. Baking. Music. Camping. Fishing. Olympics. Setting goals and achieving them. Doing the unexpected. Meaningful hugs. “I luv u’s” from my nieces/nephews. Mountains. North Dakota. Learning.

Here is a summary of my current heart surgery/insurance situation.

contact :: joeybelle@gmail.com

The best honor so far….being an Aunt!


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