Issues No More

I have been doing acupuncture for a few months and I have to say that it is managing my neck pain quite well.  It only took a few sessions until the acupuncturist figured out how to treat my neck/back.  (Which is awesome!!) The treatment usually wipes me out for the rest of the day, but it’s worth it.  My neck has been really really messed up for years – probably since my first back surgery went awry.  Years ago, a surgeon said that I’d need major surgery to repair it, but it hasn’t given me serious pain until recently.  Well, there was that one incident with the dinosaurs when I worked at the preschool,…

My most recent elbow issue was resolved within a few days of the initial pocket of fluid showing up a week before we surprised my Mom and took her on a cruise!  Thankfully, I got right into the doctor and he drained the blood/fluid that had accumulated on my elbow.  My elbow filled up right away the next day, but it wasn’t painful.  I went back to the doctor and together we surmised that it was just fluid and that my body would reabsorb it – so I decided to not mess with it and just be very careful to protect it.  It is still discolored/bruised, but that might be the new normal.  The outward appearance of my left elbow has changed so much over the past few years. I’d be interested to compare a current x-ray with an old one.

Well, that’s all. Thank you for all the prayers and comments.  I so appreciate it.  I’m so thankful that my neck pain has eased and that my elbow issue sort of resolved itself.  Because of the extensive history, it is kind of scary when it flares!


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