I’m a mess this week!

Hey friends! I would really appreciate some prayer for this neck pain-which has also turned into a constant headache. It’s not going away and not getting better. This morning I woke up and my scalp is numb. Weird.

Yesterday, I had a strange/allergic reaction to a (3) jolly ranchers. My cheeks swelled up and are sore and raw in the inside.

I’m a mess! …And I’m really over it!

I had acupuncture today-since that’s pretty much all I can do for my neck. It felt great at the time and I’m hoping I will feel some relief soon.


4 thoughts on “I’m a mess this week!

  1. Will add an extra prayer for you today. Hope the acupuncture works and you get relief soon. Have loved reading your posts this month.

  2. Hey Geoffrey..my prayers are with you..hope you get to feeling better right away.. I am always thinking of you. You are a strong person so keep that attitude up and keep smiling…extra prayers are on the way….

  3. Hey dear one, I’m so sorry you are Having so much craziness in your life, Especially since it brings with it pain. Of course we will pray for you immediately…(Sunday Dec 2. since I am just reading my e-mail) God is still faithful, he does not forsake you EVER. We have to get together for lunch, hopefully your problems will have left you by the time we can find another date. I can’t imagine anyone having so many things go wrong as you have had. Can you take any antihistamines? Hannah (my grandaughter) had her migraines helped by PT at the Summit….worth a try if you could….someone at the Wave advertises it also………if your fragile body could stand the pressure that they exert. Love you Geoffrey, Sallie G.

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