{thanksgiving) day nine: coffee

I looked out the window as it was snowing yesterday.  The second snow of the year for Montana, but the first for me since I’ve been home from Minnesota.  I thought I should have a cup of coffee to celebrate, but then instantly (cause it’s getting dark outside) thought it was too late in the day.  Looked at the clock and it read 3:19 – I did a happy dance, inwardly of course.  Am I dork? Yes.  Am I in love with coffee? Yep, sure am.  Is coffee one of my love languages?  Yes, yes it is.  Thank you for asking. 😉

Nespresso Volluto with a splash of cream. Delightful.

Taste and see that the Lord is good! Psalm 34:8

I’m written of this love before, but I am thankful for coffee.  It starts my day, gives my afternoon a jump start and is something to look forward to as I go to bed at night.

Lately, I drink my coffee either black or with a splash of cream.  When I go to Starbucks I usually get a Double Tall White Chocolate (1.5 pumps) Breve (half & half), but I do love the holiday specials too!  Mmmm…..the best part of waking up….

Fun coffee quotes:

“True friends find the greatest happiness in just being together sharing coffee.” ~unknown

“Good coffee is like friendship: rich, warm and strong.” ~Pan-American Coffee Bureau

“On the eighth day God created coffee.”

“There is nothing better than a good friend, great conversation and a hot cup of coffee.” ~unknown

“A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.”
(my favorite coffee quote hanging on my friend Helen’s wall)


I wrote the following draft over two years ago, but just found it today. For whatever reason, I never posted it….

One of my favorite things about visiting in North Dakota & Minnesota is the vast amount of coffee consumed (and treats!) I love it – almost every afternoon we would all have coffee and usually something sweet. (the best part: the conversations!)

At Celia’s we had coffee and brownies and coffee and chocolate chips. At Amber’s we had coffee and left over cinnabon’s. At Becca’s (while playing cards) we had coffee and Almond Bars (thanks, Jen!). At Jill’s we had coffee and scotcharoo’s. At Helen’s we had a fun dessert bread and hot coffee.  At Sarah’s we had our own Keurig style coffee and good conversation.  At Joci’s we had strong coffee with hazelnut creamer…..

Now that I am home – I find myself in need of a mid-day coffee break. I usually warm up a cup from the morning. Today I am meeting Crystal for coffee at a local coffee shop. Later in the week I’m meeting my friend Nadine at the coffee shop where she works…..the saying above is so, so true.

So….what is your coffee of choice?!


3 thoughts on “{thanksgiving) day nine: coffee

  1. my coffee of choice??????back, dunkin donut first thing in the morning…love all your thoughts on coffee—all my relatives would more than agree with you on every level…love your writing…..

  2. Hi Geoffrey…love your coffee love..I love it too. Hope your doing well and enjoying the snow..I hate it..because it’s too cold for me now. It’s pretty, but so many people can’t drive in it or get around. Tell your mom hi for me and you take care… I talked to your Aunt Caren yesterday..She is fine and has alot of people living with her..She loves it I think. Take Care..

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