{thanksgiving} day eight: color

I know, I know – it probably sounds like a silly detail to be thankful for….

I’m a graphic designer – a huge part of my job and hobby is color.  I also create hair and fashion accessories – those are very colorful, as well.  It is always a challenge to keep up on the latest trends in color and patterns – a challenge I enjoy.

I often thank God for color.  I love it.  I love so many colors and combinations – they are endless.  Right now I am soaking up all the colors of autumn: pumpkins, leaves changing, etc.  With each season brings a fresh, new palette.

In the morning when I make my coffee – one of the “perks” for me is picking out the color coffee cup I’ll use that day.  This morning I chose red.  (for obvious reasons – Romney/Republican).

From the time Finley was really little she knew colors and knew everyones favorites.  If she’d see anything green while around Caren or I – she’d remind us that green was our favorite color.  Red? Aidan. Purple? Finley. Green? Briar.  Pink? Mammo.

I can get lost for hours looking on istock, etsy and sometimes even on pinterest doing “research” on colors…..for different patterns and combinations.  One of my favorite parts of design is thinking outside of the box and trying new and unique combinations – I’m not always successful, but it’s fun to try anyway.  Recently, Old Navy sent out the graphic below to introduce their Rockstar Jeans….I could seriously frame the image – I LOVE the colors!  And while on the subject of clothes – even my closet is color coordinated. 🙂

*Old Navy Image

It’s such a small thing, but color and the ability to see color is such a sweet joy in life.  I think it’s so neat that God created the earth so colorful.  He certainly didn’t have to – we wouldn’t know the difference.

It may sound silly, but I am truly thankful for color.

What is your favorite color?


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