I’m a mess this week!

Hey friends! I would really appreciate some prayer for this neck pain-which has also turned into a constant headache. It’s not going away and not getting better. This morning I woke up and my scalp is numb. Weird.

Yesterday, I had a strange/allergic reaction to a (3) jolly ranchers. My cheeks swelled up and are sore and raw in the inside.

I’m a mess! …And I’m really over it!

I had acupuncture today-since that’s pretty much all I can do for my neck. It felt great at the time and I’m hoping I will feel some relief soon.


{thanksgiving} day twenty-four: joy


I’m thankful for JOY. This morning I was working on my Christmas cover photo for the month of December and even though it’s not a designated “Christmas verse,” this verse rolled around in my head: “The Lord has done great things for {me}, and {I} am filled with JOY.” Psalm 126:3 This verse has been a mainstay in my life for awhile now – even in the midst of life’s greatest sorrows – there is always JOY. Thankful for that and the One who fills us with JOY.


{thanksgiving} day twenty-three: 31 days


Thankful for the next 31 days of CHRISTMAS – the most wonderful time of the year!

We have plans to go get our Christmas tree and start the decorating today! I LOVE this time of year….

“…Then the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people…” Luke 2:10

{thanksgiving} day twenty-one: dinner prep

About ten days before Thanksgiving, my Mom and I sit down and plan out the Thanksgiving meal; a master grocery list and menu.  Usually, we make a Costco run and grocery store trip.  This year I am working on a massive top secret project, so I just helped with the planning, but didn’t have time to do the shopping with my Mom.

I love the week of Thanksgiving – getting ready for the big day.

I had big plans last night to do the prep work for the dressing, but ended up doing something to my neck.  I spent most of the evening with my neck in a travel pillow and ice packs.  So, this morning I was able to make the stuffing and I also prepped the green beans.  I found a new recipe this year: green bean bundles.  Green beans wrapped in bacon and baked in the oven….with brown sugar, butter and a dash of garlic salt.

Now my neck is back in a travel pillow and packed with ice.  Not sure what I did – but it sure doesn’t feel good!!  Thankful I got to make a couple of the dishes for tomorrow!  If I’m feeling better later, I’m going to put together the Baked Creamed Corn. Yum!!

I cannot wait to EAT tomorrow!!  =)  Enjoy Thanksgiving Eve!



{thanksgiving} day eighteen: natalie

Today I’m thankful for my baby sister Natalie.  In exactly two months (January 18th) she will be turning 30 – and all the Dickinson girls will be in their thirties…weird!!

Anyway, Natalie is a great Mom, daughter (I assume), friend and sister.  I kinda like her.  It’s unfortunate that we live so far from Natalie and her family and they won’t be home for any holidays this year, but hopefully we can celebrate THIRTY with her sometime around her big day.



{thanksgiving} day twelve: snow

So, whether I see snow falling from the sky or wake up to a fresh blanket of snow in the morning – this is the song/lyrics that roll through my head.  And I usually bust out the chorus, as well.

It Snowed by Meaghan Smith

“It snowed, It snowed
It snowed last night
Everything is sparkling with diamond light
The road is bare
It’s four feet high
Honey let’s play hooky
Cause it snowed last night
It snowed, It snowed
It snowed last night
Get your hat and coat and bundle up real tight
Hitch up that sled and we’ll take a ride
Everybody’s happy
Cause it snowed last night
Well how merry, how bright
The snow fall turns the
World into a lovely sight
It snowed, it snowed,
It snowed last night
Honey let’s play hooky
Cause it snowed last night
And when the sun dips out of sight
We’ll cozy up together by the fireside
And just before we close our eyes
Wish upon a star it snows again tonight”

I’m thankful for snow – especially when it’s fresh and new like right now at the beginning of winter (well, not officially).

Our family is a big fan of the show Gilmore Girls.  One of the main characters LOVES snow, especially the first snow and I always love those episodes.  There is something magically and peaceful about snow falling….

(thanksgiving) day eleven: veterans

I feel like it’s kind of obvious for today, but since it’s a national holiday – even better.  I am thankful for our veterans.  I’ve said it before and if you’ve known me for five minutes – you know I love the men and women who fight for our freedom.  Not only do I admire them for our selfless service for our country, I truly appreciate and admire the families they leave behind – the spouses, kids, moms and dads.  They are all heroes in my opinion and all deserve our respect.

I’m thankful for our veterans….especially those I’m related too.  =)