Aidan is 7!


June 2, 2005 – Holding my birthday gift on my birthday – seven years ago! (already!! sniff, sniff!)

June 1st2005.  One of “those” days that forever changed my life.  It was a day we had all been anticipating for nine months.  The first niece or nephew to arrive.  It was so exciting when my sister Caren went in on the 31st to be induced, but baby boy held out until the 1st of June…the day before my birthday.

Today Aidan turns 7 years old.  7.  I can’t believe it.  I watch him often and love the little boy he has grown into.  He is sweet, loving, smart, kind and has a fun sense of humor.

I say it every year.  He is the best birthday gift this aunt could have ever dreamt up.  Far exceeds what I thought being an Aunt would be like.  It’s so much more.  Love you, Aidan.  Happy 7th Birthday!