She gets it.

The other day I stopped by to hang out with the three lady McShane’s. I had a big surprise for Fin, and I wanted to see the progress in the girls’ room!

While Caren was gone picking Aidan up from school, I hung out with the two girls…..chatting, like girls (of all ages) tend to do. We got on the subject of babies, brothers & sisters. I asked the girls if they would want a baby brother or a baby sister (hypothetically – I’m not starting rumors here, folks). Finley said she wanted a brother for Aidan because she had a brother and a sister, Briar, but Aidan only had sisters. Fin also said that she was praying that Aidan would get a baby brother someday, “cause he really wants one, Jo and he is sad that he doesn’t have a brother.” And then the kicker….Finley says, “actually, I’m going to pray right now.” And she bowed her head, closed her eyes, folded her hands and prayed for Aidan to get his brother.

THAT is a little girl who absorbs every word spoken in Sunday School, Awana and preschool! She’s got it! Finley’s Faith.