Summer 2011 {herb garden}

Soooo… herb garden was seriously neglected this year due to my 9 week vacation/relocation to North Dakota.  When I got home, it was severely overgrown.  The lemon balm and chocolate mint took over!  I had to cut them back to find a few of the other perennial herbs hidden beneath.  I’m definitely missing a few annuals (here, at least) that I enjoy cooking with throughout the summer and into the fall – basil, parsley, and rosemary.  Next year!  No fresh basil pesto this year.

I’m also missing a perennial that I added last year – it’s a leafy lettuce/herb that adds spunk to salads.  It looks like spinach and  it sort of tastes like arugula without the bitterness….

Where the pink flowers are (bottom left), I had planted the sorrell but….I’m pretty sure my Mom plucked that out of the ground before I was even packed for my trip back in May! Ha!  Actually, I guess she thought it was a weed.  😦  I’m working on forgiving her…  😉

This is allll peppermint!  I know the rule:  don’t plant mint in the ground because it takes over, but I sort of love it.  We always have an ABUNDANCE of peppermint or chocolate mint (which makes a tasty mojito or virgin mint julep).


Have a great week!



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