Summer 2011 {Auctions, Homesteads and Family Time}

It is difficult to even know where to start.  The past two months have been amazing.

On May 26th, Caren, kids and I road tripped over to our hometown of Williston, North Dakota.  A place that will always remain near and dear to my heart, regardless of its ever changing landscape and dynamic.  If you were not born/raised in Williston – it may difficult to understand – but just imagine the place you call home and why you love it.  For me it is so many things….the memories, the people, childhood, the good times, the tough times, the consistencies, the small town, the food (ha, I know!!), and the familiarities.  Most every street and building holds some type of memory and I love that feeling.  Even though in recent years, Williston has changed drastically most of the things I love about my hometown have remained.  There is always something going on and someone to visit with.  Someone is always having “a coke (which can mean any type of “pop” or soda)” or coffee and treat.

Therefore, “going home to Williston” is always something I look forward to.  It’s a very safe, secure, encouraging and loving place for me.  Most everyone has known my story since an early age and watched the journey – the “get” me.  This chaotic, confused, sarcastic, goofy ME.

Back to the story…..we road tripped to Williston and stayed at the Waitman’s.  Natalie and kids were to arrive the next day and my Dad’s family auction was the next day – on the 28th of May.  For me, it was a mini-family reunion with my Dad’s family.  I got to meet little cousins that I had never met before.  The auction itself was a very bizarre feeling.  I had always known it would happen, but it was very bizarre that most of my grandparents earthly possessions held no memories/meaning for most of us kids.  They were avid auction-goers – so most of their belongings were from auctions around the area and kept in their original form – boxes full of random “stuff” aka antiques.

The auction itself was a fun and new experience.  It was crazy (and disheartening) that most of the items went for far beyond their value.  Going into the auction – most of the family members didn’t have anything particular that they were looking to bid on, but as the auction started numbers were snagged and my sisters (and Dad and Kim) – as well as other cousins, aunts, uncles – ended up snagging a fairly large pile of loot.  Surprisingly, we even snagged a few pieces the held memories for us!  I grabbed my grandparents dishes that they used at the farm and bowls that I vividly remembering eating Cheerios out of!

During the auction, Natalie’s diaper bag/purse was stolen.  Gone.  There was a scurry of activity as word spread.  That bag held her life while she was on vacation with her kids in ND.  Without the contents she would be in a world of hurt for the rest of her trip.  Police were called, a report was filed, but then the bag mysteriously appeared.  Everything was in the bag except for Holton’s toy bag – full of 50+ cars from Cars the movie.  One disappointed and sad three year old little guy – why would someone do that?  The whole incident made no sense.  It was a very rough start to our family time in North Dakota.

The last few days of May we spent visiting friends, hanging out at the Waitman’s, and  visiting the farms….

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The next big event while we were all in North Dakota happened to be on June 2.  My 30th birhday….

To be continued.



One thought on “Summer 2011 {Auctions, Homesteads and Family Time}

  1. Hello, glad to hear your back to updating your blog.. Talked to your little Auntie and she mentioned that you might make a trip out in our direction, it would be great to see you, I owe you a mexican lunch, don’t forget it. Take care God Bless, from your ole auntie’s co-worker, ha-ha, Love Kris

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