I had one of the best Fourth of July weekends ever.  On Saturday morning, the whole town of Wiliston (or so it seems) lines the streets for the annual Fourth of July parade.  It’s a sad, sad, pathetic parade, but so worth it to see familiar Williston faces that have been in my life! (Hello, Quales!)

Next everyone makes their way to Harmon Park….I filled up on cotton candy, shaved ice, and a taco-in-a-bag.  And LOTS of old friends.  It was a fabulous summer day.  I snuck in a two hour nap between festivities and ended the day with Ivan’s first birthday party and a date to Applebee’s with three friends from childhood/high school days.  Two of those girls I hadn’t seen in ten years!  It was such a bizarre mix of emotions…such pure joy to be reunited with dear friends, sadness that we don’t see each other more often, delight that we could pick up where we left off, reflective at the previous ten year journey…It was a night that I’ll never forget and always hold dear to my heart.

Sunday I got to spend the afternoon with my cousin Brooke and her family – including two sweet boys, Tyler (4) and Cooper (1).  Such sweet little guys.  I hadn’t connected with Brooke since 2003 – and I had never had the opportunity to meet her boys!  Loved meeting and playing with them – wish we lived closer!  Later, I had dinner with 8 other ladies and then ended the evening with a HUGE fireworks show.  It was so awesome and I LOVED spending the weekend with so many of my favorite people.  The only thing missing was my immediate fam.

Thought I’d attach a few of my favorite snapshots from the weekend: