I know, I know! Everybody’s on my case to blog again!  Just checking in quickly to say HI everybody!  I’m sorry for the unannounced (and unapproved) blog vacation that I took for the past month or so!

I have been enjoying every minute of my vaca in North Dakota!  I have SO much to catch up on and hope to do so in the next weeks.  (No promises though!)  I had the best birthday EVER and it happened to be the big 3-0!  It was a fabulous day filled to the brim with family, friends, fun and food!  Can’t wait to share that day with all of you.

I also have a new crafty business venture that I can’t wait to share!  I put up a few designs on Facebook (look up joeybelle designs).

The past month has been full of toasted marshmallows, kids, a car wreck (or two!), sun, friends, lunching, bbqs, family, auction, movies, stolen bag, cards, memories, hot tubbing, new friends, bonfires, rain, traffic, beautiful skies, baby snuggles……


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