25 things

I got this awesome email from my sister Natalie the other day….thought I’d share!  =)

1.  You try to say one funny thing a day!
2.  That you will send a picture if you have a cute outfit on.
3.  You always have cute hair.
4.  I can always talk to you.
5.  Your honesty
6.  Best AUnt Ever!!
7.  Best sister ever
8.  Thoughtfulness
9.  Packages (When I was in college in one of my classes some of the other girls would have to see all the goods you would send)
10.  Great advice
11.  Supportive
12.  Wonderful friend
13.  Apple supporter whole heartedly
14.  Staunch republican
15.  Passionate about President Bush
16.  Your love for God
17.  You’re a fighter
18.  Knitting
19.  Coffee lover
20.  Organized
21.  Excellent cook
22.  Doesn’t complain
23.  Always has Oreos
24.  Drives (fast drives when mad)
25.  Karaoke (need I say more)


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