the bronchitis

This was my status on Facebook yesterday:
“Geoffrey no longer needs more room for her heart/lungs because she has coughed up one lung, one kidney and a partridge in a pear tree. Amen.”

I am thankful though that this is the first time all winter that I have been sick with this type of crud. That’s pretty awesome for me.  I started feeling something coming on late Friday, but woke up Monday and knew it was much worse.  My pulmonologist has always said whenever I feel something respiratory to get right to the clinic.  So, I called first thing – and they were way overbooked.  I had to go to the walk-in clinic.  Which is fine, but I’m a bit hesitant since I have been misdiagnosed a handful of times there.  It is what it is though – I’m a “unique” – not text book – case.  Regardless, I had all the symptoms of bronchitis so I’m on the antibiotics and cough stuff.  Yesterday was rough.  I hate being so wheezy and spent most of the day on my oxygen.

Today I feel MUCH better. Thank the Lord – tomorrow’s a big day!  Company is coming! Can’t wait!

Have a great weekend! Stay healthy.


4 thoughts on “the bronchitis

  1. I am SO glad you are feeling better. YOU HAVE TO CALL ME IN THE MORNING before your company gets there. Who is roseanne?

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