Supporting the Troops

I have a new obsession (or distraction).  I sort of hate admitting this – especially in such a public forum – but I have been watching Army Wives on Netflix.  Aside from the soap opera type drama here and there – I am in awe of the wives and family that stand by their soldiers.  They maintain lives away from their loved ones for months – even years.  The sacrifice of not only the soldiers, but the families is deeply touching and such a selfless act – regardless of where you stand politically.

I have only been watching the show for about two weeks, but it’s given me a desire to be more active in supporting the troops that fight for our freedom and strive to protect us daily.  I have a deep reverence and respect for not only those serving, but their families at home.  They give for us each day.

Supporting the troops has been near and dear to me for years – since 9/11 especially.  I used to have my car decked out with signs – I even made some for my Dad’s semi when he was driving across the country. I have been looking for a way to support the troops from here.  When the war first started, I sent care packages to a few troops through an organization.  I can’t remember what organization I used back then. I did some research on my own, but didn’t know which organizations would be trust worthy.  I emailed my aunt – knowing she’s be able to point me in the right direction – and she emailed me the following links:

Just thought I’d share.  I hope to get more involved soon.  What a great way to give back.

*if you have any links/stories to add – please do so in the comments!


One thought on “Supporting the Troops

  1. You can also contact your local National Guard unit. They should have a Family Readiness Group that will be able to tell you where to go to support your local soldiers.

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