Cinnamon Rolls, Snowballs & Golf

We had such a fabulous weekend.  My Dad drove over from North Dakota and arrived Friday afternoon.


•The girls were so thrilled to see Pampo (my Dad, their Grandpa).  They couldn’t wait to have a sleepover with him!

•I made PW’s cinnamon rolls on Friday – if you haven’t had them or made them – do so asap!  They are so delicious and pretty simple.

•My Dad forgot his phone charger so we had to make a “quick” trip to Wal-mart.  For a guy who claims he hates to shop – we couldn’t get him out of there!  And anything the girls wanted – they got.  Including six cupcakes each and they got to pick which color frosting!  {see slideshow below}

•Golf, the card game.  Our cousins, Marilyn & Lynn, taught us how to play and we love it.  It’s a fun, easy card game.  I hate to brag – but I kicked their sorry butts this weekend!

•My mom offered to watch the girls while Caren, Dad and I got to go to a matinee.  (The Adjustment Bureau).  I seriously loved every minute of it.  It was just so fun to be at the movie together with our Dad.  It doesn’t happen often enough so I think Caren and I ate up every moment!

•We had to make another “quick” trip – to Costco this time.  Caren had ONE thing to get.  Ha!  I’m not sure how long we were there, but we had a cart full by the time we left.  And 75% of it was Dad’s!  He even picked out a new shirt for himself which I immediately vetoed.  I won’t say what it looked like (hello, tropics!), but his face LIT UP when he saw it.  He held it up and said, “doesn’t this look like me?!”  I was saying, “um, no!”  And Caren said “how can you deny him that shirt – look at his puppy face!”  Needless to say, he got the shirt.  Can’t wait to see him wear it!!  It was a fun moment for sure.

•After dinner Saturday night (MM’s Favorite Sandwich!) We made two batches of popcorn, loaded up and headed to Caren’s to watch Knight & Day.  Such a funny and entertaining movie.  Another fun, fun night!

•Sunday we all went to church and then hit up IHOP for breakfast/lunch.  Then Caren, Dad, me and the girls loaded up and trekked to Glacier for the afternoon.  We drove as far as we could in the park to Lake McDonald Lodge.  The crew had a big snowball fight while I snapped photos.  {see slideshow below}  It was a beautiful day in the park.  We were caught in between snow/rain storms with blue skies and billowy clouds.  It was beautiful.

•As we left the park, we stopped by the Glacier National Park sign.  We’ve never really had photos with the sign and always meant to.  Caren and I started smooching on the sign and laughing sooo hard at our selves.  Then Briar had to get in on the action too.  It was so hilarious.  We made our Dad smooch on the Hungry Horse. Ha!

It was the best of weekends.  Many great memories made!  Thank you, Lord for family.

Thank you Dad for a fun weekend and for making the long trip over to see us.  We missed you, Kim – hope you feel better.  We missed Natalie, too.

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7 thoughts on “Cinnamon Rolls, Snowballs & Golf

  1. Ohhh! What a fun weekend!!! Love love love the pictures. Family time is precious… and you seem to enjoy every minute of it. Us girls are home alone now until Sunday – we’re looking forward to our “girls weekend!” I forsee some shopping, painting nails, make believe, and snuggles!!!

  2. I want to make these cinnamon rolls, but quick question. Do you make 7 pans at a time? What if I just want to make one pan, is that doable? Thanks!!

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVED the slideshow……you have such an amazing way of capturing real life! I’m so glad you had such an awesome weekend with your daddy-o and with your seester and the kidlets! I miss you tons!

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