easter memory

This photo is a blast from the past. I think I was probably in the fourth grade.  My mom used to put curlers in Natalie and my hair the night before Easter – so that we would have Shirley Temple hair for church. We had our big hunt before we left for church.  We woke up to Easter baskets FULL of goodies and ice cream buckets to fill with candy, eggs, etc from the hunt.  This particular year we received a New Kids on the Black cassette!

It was fun to watch Caren yesterday getting her little girls ready for Easter…painting their finger nails and toes.  She even told them how Mammo (Grandma) used to put curlers in our hair the night before.

It’s so sweet to remember good times…



happy {resurrection} day

It was an absolutely wonderfully perfect day.  (Aside from someone who was under-the-weather and someone else was Crabby!)  The weather was beautiful.  Food was tasty. And the kids were extra cute (especially in their Easter duds!) Annnnnd HE IS RISEN….I’m pretty sure that’s the BEST part.

I love the Easter celebration. I love the feeling every year when Easter rolls around that we get to celebrate and remember how much He loved us that day – that He gave His life for us.  HE died so that we could have life!  Of course, we can celebrate this truth daily, but I love that this particular week/weekend/day is set aside for Christians everywhere to celebrate His resurrection together.

The slideshow below is a collection of photos from today….

We all met at church (Caren, kids, Mom and I) at 9:30.  The McShane’s walked in – like the model family that they are – all styled from head to toe.  I’m not biased AT ALL!  =) Our church served a breakfast after the service.  Caren was serving – so the rest of us indulged in the goodies. Briar tried everything – including the leftovers on my plate.

Next we all met at the McShane’s for the big hunt.  While my mom and Caren hid the eggs, Briar and I had a nice little chat.  Here’s Briar’s random comments:(I was drinking coffee) “I want drink of toffay, Jo.” (I made B her own cup – mostly milk.) “I like u hair, Jo.” (song and dance) “I love my mommy, I love my mommy.”

I’m sure there was a lot more said, but those were the highlights.

Finally, the kids posed for a few pics and then were let loose in the backyard to find eggs and other fun treats.  All three were so excited. I kept forgetting that I was the photographer because I got so wrapped up in all the excitement.  It was sooo cute.

We tried to get photos of me and the kids, but they were anxious to get inside to open all the eggs! After the kids got to check out their loot, we went to my mom’s house to hang out and eat dinner and my mom had Easter goodies waiting for the kids, too.  It was so beautiful out that Caren and I sat on the backyard swing for most of the afternoon.

Before dinner Caren invented a new game (hence all the photos), “Bun Toss.”  The official rules are still in the works, but the main goal: toss a bun, take a bite, toss back, take a bite, etc.  They made it down to a crumb (see photo).  The person who lost had to run laps.  The best part was observing this completely random, quirky, hilariously entertaining game.  We decided that for any Dickinson event we will have some sort of “toss.” (Pie, water balloon, brownies, ice cream?, etc)  We are dorks, but fun at least!

It was a perfectly relaxing day sitting outside in the sun with blue skies.  Nails were painted, ice tea was consumed, worms were dug up, giggles were heard and candy was unwrapped (and enjoyed) – it was a beautiful Easter of 2011.

He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed.

{Easter Slideshow}

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{I saw this video posted on the LPM Blog by Beth Moore. Enjoy!}

easter eggs

Today I spent the whole day with the McShane’s. It was such fun. We started the day dying Easter eggs – which is always an adventure with a 5, 3 and 2 year old! Only one minor incident involving a tipped cup of dye, sibling fight and tears – but all was well quickly!

Aidan’s eggs were all bold, bright colors while Finley’s were pastels and Briar hovered over ONE blue egg almost the entire time!  “Is your egg ready, Briar?” “Nooope!”

After we dyed eggs, I got lots of snuggles in with Aidan (which is rare) while playing games on our iPods. Finley helped Caren make Rice Crispy treat EGGS that were delicious.  She put a little bit of almond flavoring  – and it make them sooo yummy! After Briar woke up from her nap, we grabbed some tacos at Taco del Sol and went to the park.  It wasn’t overly warm, but the sun was out – so no complaints from us!

All-in-all it was a fabulous day with the McShane’s.  It’s not very often that I spend the whole day with them.  They are great kids and Caren is an awesome Mom.

Looking forward to celebrating the true meaning of Easter tomorrow.  Church, easter egg hunt, good food and family.  The weather is supposed to be nice, too!  Looks to be a great day.

Happy Easter everyone.  I hope you all have a very blessed day as we remember and honor what Jesus did for us. Love you all!

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My favorite hymn:

my favorite line “when Christ shall come with shout of acclamation and take me home what joy shall fill my heart.”


I’m so grateful for good friends.

After Mark, Laurie, Luc + Jen arrived on Thursday, we met at our house (with the McShane’s, too) and indulged in a Pioneer Woman feast! (Marlboro Man’s Favorite Sandwich and Strawberry Cake). It was such a sweet time – visiting, playing Golf the card game, telling stories, laughing, coughing (argh!), teasing each other, eating, etc…

I love the feeling of being around people that you can just relax and be yourself (whoever that is these days)  🙂 I don’t remember a time that I haven’t had a blast with the Gjovig’s. They are just so much fun to spend time with.

TJ Maxx - Lauries Fave

On Friday, I made a breakfast that I couldn’t taste….very frustrating to serve food that I couldn’t taste test! Oh, well – they’re all still kickin’ – so that’s a good sign. PW’s Cinnamon Rolls made an appearance and spinach + tomato frittata. (Thanks for the recipe, Celia!) After breakfast we drove to a few antique shops in Columbia Falls and Whitefish and had lunch at Five Guys.  We finished our shopping afternoon with TJ Maxx and Starbucks. {So glad I got to experience TJ Maxx with Laurie!}

One of the shops we stopped at The Shops At Station 8 – which is owned by my friend Colette – I did some design work for her shop.  We all split up in the store and I was standing by myself looking at a piece of artwork on the wall.  I had just thought to myself – that would be great in my room.  (All that’s left of my spring spruce is new artwork and recover throw pillows.)

love it

Mark walked up beside me and said, “that would go in your room.” Wait –  that’s what I was thinking!  He said, “I’ll get it for you.” I said something like, “no no you’re not getting that for me.” And then he got called to somewhere else in the store.  Later when we all got back to the house  – I walked into my bedroom and that artwork was leaning against my bed.  Mark had snuck it into the truck without any of us knowing…and into my room! What a fun surprise! (Thanks, Luc for hanging it up for me.)

On Friday night we met up with Luc’s sister, Gena and family in Polson for dinner – with a drive around the east and west sides of Flathead Lake.  Then we had to say goodbye to Mark and Laurie.  😦  Such a fun day with them! Great memories.

Jen + Luc

We (Luc, Jen, my Mom and I) started off Saturday at our favorite breakfast spot in Whitefish, Loula’s Cafe.  I had the Eggs Benedict with white truffle oil and Jen had the tasty lemon stuffed french toast with raspberry sauce.  I’m not really sure what the other two ate. Ha!  After Loula’s, my mom ditched us and I took L + J to Glacier.  It was Jen’s first visit to the Park.  We couldn’t get far because most of the park is still closed.  It rained the whole time we were at Lake McDonald.  I’m pretty sure there isn’t a bad time to be at the park though.

lake mcdonald

We spent the rest of Saturday hanging around the hosue. We made individual homemade pizza and played Nertz.  It was a fun weekend.  So glad the Gjovig’s could visit. Looking forward to seeing them all in North Dakota this summer.

the bronchitis

This was my status on Facebook yesterday:
“Geoffrey no longer needs more room for her heart/lungs because she has coughed up one lung, one kidney and a partridge in a pear tree. Amen.”

I am thankful though that this is the first time all winter that I have been sick with this type of crud. That’s pretty awesome for me.  I started feeling something coming on late Friday, but woke up Monday and knew it was much worse.  My pulmonologist has always said whenever I feel something respiratory to get right to the clinic.  So, I called first thing – and they were way overbooked.  I had to go to the walk-in clinic.  Which is fine, but I’m a bit hesitant since I have been misdiagnosed a handful of times there.  It is what it is though – I’m a “unique” – not text book – case.  Regardless, I had all the symptoms of bronchitis so I’m on the antibiotics and cough stuff.  Yesterday was rough.  I hate being so wheezy and spent most of the day on my oxygen.

Today I feel MUCH better. Thank the Lord – tomorrow’s a big day!  Company is coming! Can’t wait!

Have a great weekend! Stay healthy.

doctor prescribed blogging

Hey Friends! Just stopped in for a quick weekend recap.

Motivation update: it’s yet to find me.  😦

I had an appointment with my regular doctor to go over things. I won’t share many details now, but it was the most real doctor’s appointment that I have had since this whole heart thing started in November.  I asked questions – he gave me answers.  Not sugar coated, but real raw medical facts.  It was bittersweet, but it was good.  I want to know what the future holds – medically speaking.  One of the things that my doctor suggested was to blog how I’m feeling (either private or public).  Glad to know I’m doing something right! =)

I also went to a girls sushi night!  Ahhh….it was just what I needed sushi and lots of laughing!  It felt great.

It was clear blue skies, but it might as well have been raining.  I woke up crabby. I had a lot stuff rolling around in my head (aftermath of the dr’s appointment).  This is all a process.  I guess I’m just sort of realizing that now.  I mean emotionally.  Every day – sometimes every hour – I feel differently about all that has happened and all that is (or isn’t) happening.  Some days I’m just pissed.  Some days it just is.  Yesterday, I was just overwhelmed.  It didn’t help that I didn’t feel all that great.  I woke up with some sort of cough and I just felt worn down.  I actually took a nap and went to bed early which I rarely do.

We went to church.  I love the church we are attending.  The people, the message – it’s just all good. Went to Five Guys Burgers & Fries with the McShane’s and fro yo (frozen yogurt) for dessert.  Then two of the mini-McShane’s came over for awhile.  They helped my mom scrub the inside of our cars.  Being an aunt is really paying off for me!  Ha!  Aidan told me that he was doing his very best and I told him that I’d get him a special treat.  He told me that I didn’t need to – that he was just going to do his very best for me.  He was so proud.  They did get treats: money for piggy banks, Reese’s, oreo’s, a soda and a movie (all of us snugged in my room)!  Love those kids! (Don’t tell their momma about all those treats! 😉

{Looking Forward to this week}
• Lunch with swim buddies: Opal & Sallie (haven’t seen them since November!)
• Gjovig’s visit!