Right Here Waiting

I haven’t been giving out many details the past few weeks.  Mostly because there is not really anything to report.  My local cardiologist (nurse) is still persistently trying to arrange a meeting with the surgeon at John Hopkins.  Until I hear what that guy has to say I am not pursing any other options.

Three weeks ago I sent an email to Dr. Shumway – listing questions that I had for her regarding the cancellation of my surgery. She called me and we did have a little chat.  Some questions were answered -most were not.  I hung up the phone even more confused and flustered that before.  Thankfully, PW weekend was only days away and so my brain took a mini-vacation from all things surgery related for awhile.

I’m not going to beg anyone to do this surgery.  Actually, I’d really like to get on with my life.  Five months and counting…..When you’re stuck, you’re stuck.  When the plan changes, you readjust.  When a door slams shut – somewhere on earth a window opens.  I just need to find that darn window.  It’s probably not even on this continent.  Crap.

So, as I type my records are sitting on Dr Cameron’s chair at John Hopkins.  He should be emailing my doctor sometime soon.  “Hopefully, by Monday we’ll know something.”  I have heard that line so many times.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to a fun weekend visit from my Dad and Kim.

Thank you all for the continued support, love and encouragement. Even though I am m.i.a. from “brilliant brunette” at times, the race continues….ah, man I can’t wait for that finish line.

Enjoy your weekend.


3 thoughts on “Right Here Waiting

  1. You are stronger than anyone I know, and I admire you for that. Keep fighting! 🙂 Love you!
    My weekend plans are Friday Fun Day = Family date night watching Tangled! With popcorn and rootbeer. Nuuummmmy!

  2. Dear Miss Brilliant Brunette,
    Every spiritual leader that I have been under has confirmed a few biblical truths for me that I stand on. 1. No one loves us as much or as completely as
    God does
    2. Gods word is complete and infalable
    3. We will Never understand the whys in this
    world, until we get to Heaven; we can however,
    with life experiences predict and assume some
    facts of life
    4. Gods timing is Perfect

    You are feeling confused. Of course you are … God’s ways are not the worlds ways. I am convinced that NOTHING can separate me (or you)from Gods’s love (Romans 8:38-39). Do I know what is going on…no, but I know that God has it all under control. Is some new surgical procedure on the brink of a breakthrough or is the perfect surgeon in preparation right now, for just such a time as this, Your surgery? I don’t know for sure, but what I do know is we can trust God completely. We (your supporters)need to petition God daily for His intervention (Quickly) and You need to rest in God’s love for you and be preparing yourself for the answer.
    Enjoy the wait with family, friends, and fabulous life experiences. I am learning from you and other who are struggling with life threating conditions, that all of us should live like we were dying. God would then have His rightfull place in our lives… our ONLY hope in times of trouble.
    There would never have been a rainbow, without the flood.
    Love ya!

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