Friday Fun Day

That’s what Sarah always says on her Facebook status!

Friday is a day that – regardless of the days events – is almost always a day to look forward to. I love Fridays in the Spring when it is warm enough to roll down the windows, snag a Starbucks shaken black iced tea lemonade, run errands, and rock the tunes (I’m seeing a pattern). Today I don’t have big plans. I thought of either making homemade pizza or PW’s White Chicken Enchiladas for dinner. I might run to a store or two – I’m on the hunt for wall art ideas and fabric.  And, I have a bathroom and office to finish organizing (and decorating!). The purge continues – and it feels so great to rid the house of useless junk.

Soooo, I just googled “hairstyles for dogs.” I think I have reached a new low! Usually, we get Yogi cut like a lion, but I was just trying to research his options. He’s far overdue for a haircut.  Oh and don’t google “hairstyles of dogs” – it’s more disturbing than helpful. I am SO NOT one of “those people.” I actually never pictured myself with a little dog, but he has been a lifesaver – literally. (Something to blog about.)

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing this Friday. Exciting, I know.

I hope you have a fabulous FRIDAY!  What are your plans for the day?  Anything you’re looking forward to over the weekend?!


3 thoughts on “Friday Fun Day

  1. Hey Geo – Make sure to remove all of Yogi’s cling-ons. My Friday is pretty boring…I am trying to survive on no caffeine after months of drinking 2 2-liters of Mt. Dew a day…pray for me. I also have my first consult with the SD Quit Line today to quit smoking…so that should be fun. This weekend is pretty lame I imagine, but that is usual for me. I may try to get Jeff to clean out the basement. He is so messy. LOVE YOU TONS!!!

  2. Friday FUN DAY!!! Macie got to have a play date for Friday FUn Day. 🙂 THey even let Isaac play for awhile too.
    WEekend plans are to finish some basement projects and Maurices has Buy one get one 50% off… my favorite sale! So thats a must stop. We are also planning on watching “The Town.”
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. Here I am in OK with a beautiful spring day. This morning I went to a doc for what turned out to be a strange kind of stye in my eye, not the usual eyelid rim kind…then helped a friend with her cleaning project, went to lunch with her at The Hideaway pizza, which is delish…if anyone you know when to Oklahoma State University they know what this is. And now I am home and have plenty to do…garden planting and cleaning, making lemon curd, cleaning inside…ugh…and then in the morning I’m going to the garden center where for a can of whatever you want to give, they will give you a free 3-pack of veggies. That is always fun. After that I’m going to singing rehearsal for Let Freedom Ring, sing, & Swing…coming soon to a city near you (not me, but the program, which is in preparation for the 175th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty in October.) Don’t know about the rest of the day. But on Sunday, church, then the Ballet. Always something going on. Busy but fun weekend. Hope yours is a great one! 😉

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