{guest post} Yes, I Sweat (2)

{My PW weekend partner in crime, Sarah, asked (or I may have bribed her) to write a guest blog. I think her perspective is probably a more accurate depiction of how things happened….cause you know…I WAS IN SHOCK! I really want to have Sarah’s perspective on the weekend to be able to go back and read months, years, decades from now. So, enjoy Sarah’s weekend recap…}

Click HERE for Part One of PW Weekend by Sarah

Part Two of PW Weekend
The long wait for Pioneer Woman weekend started right after we made our plans.  I kept saying that I wished it was the coming Friday.  Well good thing It wasn’t because North Dakota had one of the worst blizzards of the winter!  I was very thankful we had a whole week for the weather to get better.  I worried about the weather every day before our trip.  Obsessing with checking the weather reports and road reports. Our weekend was looking good and the Friday morning I left for our trip it was beautiful.

For the first time EVER in 5 years I was off by myself. I hugged my 2 kids and husband goodbye. Even shed a few tears, I couldn’t believe I was doing this!  I drove along HWY 2 for 5 hours, and HWY 87 for 2 more hours.  It actually went fast.  I had Oprah radio to keep me occupied when I couldn’t take the same old songs anymore.  I couldn’t wait to see Geoffrey!

We met up at our hotel after arriving minuets apart!  Good timing Jo!  We had a few hours before our PW signing so of course I wanted to go shopping!  Power shopping in Target was the second best thing about the trip.  I heart Target.  Then we booked it back to the hotel. I had to learn to be aggressive driving in Great Falls.  I had many people give me odd looks and I think even some fingers too! So our chant in the car was “BE AGGRESSIVE B E AGGRESSIVE!” I will never forget that!

So back at the hotel, a poof of hairspray and perfume and we were out! We were going to see Ree Drummond! Really!  We shoved our food down at Chili’s, literally shoveled it in.  Really.  Took off to our destination.  Driving aggressively through the highly populated city, and realize oops, wrong spot!  So turn around drive aggressively back to 1 block away from Chili’s and arrive at the hotel where Ree was speaking.  We are running into the hotel, 4 books in hand for myself, and I am talking on the phone to my kids telling them goodnight.  We made it though, 3rd row seats and all.  V.I.P.  Well either that or the guy felt bad for us and didn’t want us to stand for the next few hours.  Again we had to be aggressive and grab the seats he was putting out or we would have gotten knocked over!  The seats when as fast as he set them down.  We sat down, I was sweating, but we did it.  We were there, all the worrying, hard work, driving, anticipation paid off.  We were there!

Moments later Ree walked out on stage.  She was beautiful, witty, funny.  I loved it.  I love her story.  I love her.  Geoffrey was in complete shock the whole time.  I kept looking at her for a reaction, and I got nothing.  She had her poker face on.  I kept thinking Man she MUST be in shock!  She was.

Once Ree was done speaking we darted to the back of the line for the book signing.  We stood in one place for a long time, then suddenly the line started moving, and we were getting excited.  We met some really great people in line.  They were touched by Geoffrey’s story of her letter.  Who wouldn’t be!  Geoffrey’s story is so touching.  I really feel like this whole trip was meant to be in more ways than one.  If Geoffrey would have had her surgery, we wouldn’t have made our trip.  She wouldn’t have met Ree.

When it was finally our turn to get our books signed they asked if we were together or separate.  We said “together!”  Well, I watched as Geoffrey walked up to Ree with her letter in hand, I stood back.  She was nervous, but as soon as Ree looked up she instantly knew Geoffrey, and she was in shock as well I think!  I stood as a bystander and then they told me to go up there, I didn’t want to! I wanted to stand back and watch! But I did, and I stood behind listening to them in shock as well.  I didn’t know what to say, and I didn’t want to say anything! I watched her sign our books, I think I said something about  planning our trip, but I don’t really remember…. and then it was over…we walked away with the biggest grins on our faces! I think we even jumped up and down.  Geoffrey was STILL in shock though!

Our nice friends in line that we met came up to us after and said how touched they all were watching Geoffrey meet Ree.   Everyone had tears in their eyes.  It was great.  It was perfect.  It was so surreal! It was the best weekend ever!

The next day we packed up, and hit the road again.  I was sad it was over, but so happy for the memories!  WE DID IT!

We did it!

P.S. (from Sarah) I have a few regrets:
1. wearing a belt with my skinny pants.
2. getting pulled over not once but TWICE in Montana.  Thank goodness for “I’m just going to give you a warning mam.”
3. Not saying something to Holla Dean when she stared down Geoffrey at breakfast. (Paula Dean look alike! So we changed her name).
4. Not having more time, I wish we could have had more time together! But the time we did have will never be forgotten… even Geoffrey talking in her sleep.  🙂

3 thoughts on “{guest post} Yes, I Sweat (2)

  1. Yay! This is great…you both will have wonderful memories of this your whole lives, and every time you open those books it will all come flooding back to you. And Ree Drummond will have a wonderful memory, too, of this book signing tour when she met two wonderful women who loved her and came from so far just to see her! I love it!

  2. Hello girls! Enjoyed reading about your weekend and friendship. Glad you made it home safely. Great blog! Stay well.

    Leigh ~”the mom from GF who stood behind you in line at PW, with her pregnant daughter Jessie”

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