What’s For Dinner?

After almost a week of being back home, I am working on a menu.  I have been scouring Pioneer Woman Cooks and The Tasty Kitchen today for new recipes.  I think the next 8 days should be packed full of Pioneer Woman recipes to get ready for our big adventure next Friday!  [SO EXCITED!]

Coming home from the cities and eating at all of these fun favorites . . . Olive Garden (twice), Red Robin, Crave, PF Chang’s, Jenson’s (for Eggs Benedict and the yummiest caramel roll!), Don Pablos, and not to mention all my favorites in Williston (restaurants and homemade meals!) – I have had such a great appetite that I do not want to lose that now.

Anyway, on my hunt for some tasty {and easy} meals – it got me thinking – what’s for dinner at your house tonight?  I always LOVE asking people what they had for lunch/supper/dinner etc….so, please share what’s on your menu for tonight or the week!  (Link up if you have recipe!)

This is what looks good to me….Beef with Snow Peas over Jasmine Rice!

{photo by pw}


8 thoughts on “What’s For Dinner?

  1. I want the beef and snowpeas!I love snowpeas!But alas,I made cream chipped beef on rice.Very easy and good,tho.

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