{guest post} Cruisin’ for Potato Soup

{by brittany k pederson}

I would like a bowl of potato soup for lunch today. While the request sounds simple enough, there is a lot tied into the specific bowl of potato soup that I want. I want a bowl of potato soup from The Bagel & Espresso Co. in Williston (sadly, it no longer exists). I want that bowl of potato soup to be accompanied by a bagel with melted asiago and provolone cheese spilling out the sides (and sort of burning my fingers a little). I want to eat my soup and bagel at the Bagel & Espresso Co., crammed at a table with my best friend, Geoffrey, and our friends, Nate and Kim. But, before we leave the school for lunch, we must first convince Mrs. J that, YES, Geoffrey does in deed need three whole friends to help her get safely in and out of the elevator. And, YES, we do need to leave class at least 10 minutes early so as to avoid the daily running of the bulls in the hallway. Next, we must journey over the treacherous death trap of the icy parking lot to get to the Land Cruiser…….ahhh, the Land Cruiser…….roll in, pile in, climb in, jump in, throw yourself in……just get in! (We only have 18 minutes left!) And we’re off…..for one more bowl of potato soup, one more bagel sandwich, one more pizza bagel (for Nate), and, most importantly, one more priceless lunch with friends. So, just for today, I would like that bowl of potato soup.


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