So Long, North Dakota – for now.

“Mountains and valleys, the ups and downs I go through.

I will rejoice in You Jesus no matter the view.”

-Canyons, Chris August (from the album, No Far Away)

I’m sitting on the train and just pulled out my laptop to start a post and those were the first lyrics I heard as I pulled up Word.  How perfect.  “Screaming Hallelujah…”

We just stopped in Shelby, Montana and are nearing the mountains.  It will be too dark outside to see the view – we were hoping to catch a glimpse of the aftermath of the derailment.

Looking forward to seeing three mini-McShane faces early in the morning.  Aidan has another ski lesson, but I’m not sure if I’ll go – depends on how tired and sore I am from the train.

Had a sweet week.  Lots of coffee, treats, meals, family, friends, card playing, laughs, and snuggles.  The week flew by – I’m not even sure I had much time to think.

Unfortunately, my mom spent three out of four days in bed – but got to have one day visiting with friends.  She is feeling better now, but still has a nasty sore throat and ear aches.  (Keep those prayers coming!  🙂

Do you want to know a really cool dilemma we have?!  Some of you have expressed interested in visiting us in our neck of the woods – while we would love the company/distraction – we need some time to regroup!

If you have contacted us about a visit, please give us until April and then we’ll figure something out! (Shoot me an email.)  Thanks for understanding – we are beyond blessed for the support.  Beyond!


4 thoughts on “So Long, North Dakota – for now.

  1. You wanted me to wait until April…great…I am already in Havre on my way to suprise you…guess I will be turning around….thanks a freaking lot!!!!

  2. Great idea for a respite…hope you get rest/relaxation and lotz of reflection on HOW amazing the LORD works! LOVE you Jo. Did I mention that Lily renamed her American Girl Doll, Annabelle? In honor of you…

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