Right Here Waiting

I haven’t been giving out many details the past few weeks.  Mostly because there is not really anything to report.  My local cardiologist (nurse) is still persistently trying to arrange a meeting with the surgeon at John Hopkins.  Until I hear what that guy has to say I am not pursing any other options.

Three weeks ago I sent an email to Dr. Shumway – listing questions that I had for her regarding the cancellation of my surgery. She called me and we did have a little chat.  Some questions were answered -most were not.  I hung up the phone even more confused and flustered that before.  Thankfully, PW weekend was only days away and so my brain took a mini-vacation from all things surgery related for awhile.

I’m not going to beg anyone to do this surgery.  Actually, I’d really like to get on with my life.  Five months and counting…..When you’re stuck, you’re stuck.  When the plan changes, you readjust.  When a door slams shut – somewhere on earth a window opens.  I just need to find that darn window.  It’s probably not even on this continent.  Crap.

So, as I type my records are sitting on Dr Cameron’s chair at John Hopkins.  He should be emailing my doctor sometime soon.  “Hopefully, by Monday we’ll know something.”  I have heard that line so many times.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to a fun weekend visit from my Dad and Kim.

Thank you all for the continued support, love and encouragement. Even though I am m.i.a. from “brilliant brunette” at times, the race continues….ah, man I can’t wait for that finish line.

Enjoy your weekend.


Just Another Play Date with Fin

Well, Finley and I had another play date Wednesday morning.  It has been awhile since we have hung out – just the two of us.  I am kicking myself for not taking photos to post because she was extra cute today.  A few fun stories…..

* Her favorite color is purple….this is the second thing she’d tell you – right after her name.  We talk often about colors – first favorite, second favorite, third favorite and so on.  She noticed the new decor in my room and said, “well, it’s blue and that’s just not my favorite color.” Okay?!  She says, “jo, what was your favorite color when you were a baby?”

* Our normal play dates the past few months have been either Starbucks or a movie snuggled in Aunt JoJo’s room.  Not this time though – I’m going to try to space out the movies – so that’s not all we ever do.  So, Finley tagged along to get my bi-monthly blood draw.  In the car we usually blast the music (as loud as it can go – by her request “louder JoJo!”), and dance.  I looked in the rear view mirror and she had her eyes closed dancing – as much as she could strapped in her car seat.  That girl’s got moves.  When the music wasn’t blaring (when I could get away with that), we had a nice little chat about her brother and sister.

• As we were pulling into the Wal-Mart parking lot I said, “Lord, have mercy.” (because isn’t that how we all feel when going to Wal-Mart?)  Finley said, “Jo, what does that mean and did you say that when I was a baby? and when Aidan was a baby?”

* For Christmas, Finley gave me one of her art projects and – like the doting aunt that I am – I put it up in my room.  She saw it on the board last week and said (with her hand on her hip and raised eyebrows), “ah, jojo – I’m gonna want that one back.”  I told her okay and that she could take it right then if she wanted.  “Ahhh noooo, I’ll get it back on our next play date.”

• Finally, our last stop was a shoe store.  I just wanted to run in and scan the shoes quickly.  So, I told Finley one more stop and then I would take her home.  Normally, I have to bribe her to end our play dates but, today she was ready to go home.  Maybe because we didn’t get in our normal toonies that she loves.  Anyway, from the back seat she says, “ahhh, jo, I have a better idea…how about you just take me home first and then you can go do your shoe shopping.”

I’m just glad to see that the bossiness lives on in the next generation of middle children.

Lord, have mercy.

Friday Fun Day

That’s what Sarah always says on her Facebook status!

Friday is a day that – regardless of the days events – is almost always a day to look forward to. I love Fridays in the Spring when it is warm enough to roll down the windows, snag a Starbucks shaken black iced tea lemonade, run errands, and rock the tunes (I’m seeing a pattern). Today I don’t have big plans. I thought of either making homemade pizza or PW’s White Chicken Enchiladas for dinner. I might run to a store or two – I’m on the hunt for wall art ideas and fabric.  And, I have a bathroom and office to finish organizing (and decorating!). The purge continues – and it feels so great to rid the house of useless junk.

Soooo, I just googled “hairstyles for dogs.” I think I have reached a new low! Usually, we get Yogi cut like a lion, but I was just trying to research his options. He’s far overdue for a haircut.  Oh and don’t google “hairstyles of dogs” – it’s more disturbing than helpful. I am SO NOT one of “those people.” I actually never pictured myself with a little dog, but he has been a lifesaver – literally. (Something to blog about.)

Anyway, that’s what I’m doing this Friday. Exciting, I know.

I hope you have a fabulous FRIDAY!  What are your plans for the day?  Anything you’re looking forward to over the weekend?!

The Call

The call never came last night either. Apparently, the guy at John Hopkins is SO very busy and he is now out of the office until Monday. And then they will “try” to get it on his schedule to have a phone meeting with my cardiologist. Even though I’m tempted to drip sarcasm from every word I type, I think it is hilarious. I really do. I think this is just some crazy circus act! I mean really – it’s been FIVE weeks since my surgeon in MN cancelled the surgery! I’m seriously not even discouraged by this delay. The only frustration I have in not hearing anything is that I don’t feel like I can plan my summer yet. 😦

OH, did I mention – God IS sovereign.

Have a great Friday!!


PS:  Thank so everyone who left a comment on the “waiting” post.  I LOVE your feedback – so thanks for taking the time to write!!!  Brightens my day!

Spring Blooms

Monday - snowing and this little guy on the fence.

On Sunday afternoon, I walked around the yard to check out all the flower beds.  I saw lots of green peaking through here and there, but my best surprise was to find my chives coming up in my herb garden!  The first of about fifteen-twenty herbs that I plant every year!

What kind of birds?

Last fall we planted a bunch of bulbs, so I cannot wait to see what will come up this Spring.  We have some from last year that should finally bloom this spring/summer.  It is such a fun thing to look forward to.  I am going to be watching the lilac bushes (planted last spring) like a hawk in anticipation of new growth.  We probably will not see any flowers this year, but I can’t wait until next!  I love lilacs and they almost always bloom over my birthday.  A sweet little gift from God.  🙂


Two things on the list that I’m waiting for today:
{Phone Call}
It is Day Two (or Thirty, but who’s counting?! 🙂 of waiting for a call from my cardiologist. A phone meeting has been planned for my cardiologist to talk to Dr. Cameron at John Hopkins today at 4:30. Lots of mixed emotions.
So, it seems like we can always be “waiting” around for something. I was just cleaning and organizing my Netflix queue and that got me thinking…what are you waiting for? What’s in your Netflix queue?

Have a sweet day!

A Spring Spruce

{show in store} photo courtesy of Cori Catlett

About two weeks ago I looked around my room and decided I wanted ALL the brown out (curtains, pillows, bedding) – too dark.  I had been looking at it for four months while I was tucked away daily in my safe haven.  After a long season of winter (in more ways than one), I need bright, cheery, joyful.  My safe haven needed a spuce.

Therefore, I went on a hunt for new bedding.  Whenever I make a purchase – I do hours, days, months of research.  I probably did a little too much – considering it’s only bedding, but I just want to make sure I love whatever I decide to purchase.

Well, I finally decided on Leandra Sea Mist from Target. It was a great deal and the color perfectly matches my armoire.   I thought it might be too much blue, but I am adding splashes of green and burnt orange.  I love how it’s coming together.  I also took down the brown curtains and replaced them with airy white striped  sheers from Target.

I have four throw pillows that I need to recover and I need to find (or make) artwork for above my bed and then I’m finished.  It’s a fun, colorful, inexpensive spruce.  I needed it. I love the fresh, bright, joyful colors.

Then I moved on to the bathroom….which used to be an green and brown.  I took down the brown sheers.  Love how bright the room became.  Also replaced the brown rug with a funky green/white rug.  I think I’ll keep some of the brown accents, but I brought in a few funky accessories with a brighter, happier green.  Green and white are taking over.  See ya later brown.