Departures & Arrivals

My mom and I took the train to Williston, North Dakota yesterday.  Our good friends Karen & Terry (Yogi the dog’s sitters) picked us up at 6am to make the drive to Whitefish – with a quick stop for coffee from Nadine at The Coffee Cottage.  Priorities.  We got to the station to check in our moving van of luggage.  Actually, we did quite well not overpacking – considering we’ll be gone for at least three weeks.

The train was running about an hour and a half late.  The delay didn’t really phase me – we got to hit our favorite breakfast spot in Whitefish (Loula’s) – so that was a fun addition to our adventure.  After breakfast we headed back to the station and the train was going to be another hour later – which gave enough time for Caren and my nieces to come see us off as well!  We had another friend (Connie) stop and visit, too!  It was so fun – I’m pretty sure I didn’t even care that the train was late.  The girls were so cute and Fin was sad to see us go.  Thankfully, I get to see A & F on Sunday – so goodbye’s were much easier.

My mom and I boarded the train three hours later than originally scheduled, but in good spirits (well, at least she was – I’ve been a bit mean lately – let’s call it pre-surgery jitters?).  We walked into our Family Room (sleeper car) quarters and were SO PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!  It was so great.  (The last few times I’ve ridden the train – the seats really hurt my joints/back.)  There was room for my mom and I to both lay down, keep our stuff out – our room was the width of the train! Free coffee, juice, bottled water and meals – all day.  It was fabulous.  It really was.  We got settled and  ooohhed and ahhed and the great decision we made to take the train (I had to be persuaded to take the train).

The best part of the train trip from Whitefish to Wiliston are the first two hours through Glacier National Park.  I always look forward to them.  It’s just sooo beautiful from the train – especially after a fresh snow from the night before. Well, with the swaying of the train and lack of sleep – I was out within an hour and same with my mom – I woke up about 30 miles out of the pass!

The train trip went so quickly – we played cards (guess who won every game?! :), read our books, listened to music, slept, etc.  I didn’t even watch one movie!  Ran out of time.  Had a salmon (for me) and steak (mom) dinner.  Ended up sitting with guys that work in Williston in the oil field (shocker!) – one of them purchased the home of good friends in Williston!  Small world.

We arrived in Williston to Boone & Susan’s smiling faces!  It was so sweet to finally be in North Dakota and start this journey after so many months of planning and ups and downs.  We then stayed up until 12:30am talking – because that’s what we do!  🙂

It’s good to be “home.”

(I was born and raised in Williston – for those that don’t know. 😉


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