Just Saying Hi

Hey Everyone,
Just stopping in to say a quick hi. Not much to post right now. Just getting ready to leave on Wednesday. Looking forward to Wed – Mon. Should be fun days with friends and family. Trying to not think too much about the 22nd and just focus on the fun times ahead.

Looks to be a great week of travel weather wise – thankful for that.

A few prayer requests:
•that we can really enjoy the time together – I don’t want my mind to always be on surgery – there’s a lot of fun to be had!

•safe (and easy) travel for all – especially my sisters who are traveling with kids! 🙂

•That EVERYONE stays healthy and gets good rest where ever they are: hotel, different bed, train, plane, etc.

The LORD has already been providing for us abundantly – we are so grateful!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Just Saying Hi

  1. Hey kid enjoyed your blog, it’s great to be able to update & keep everyone in the loop, without having to repeat all the time. YOU are always in my prayers, YOU are such a strong, loving and caring young lady, that God and everyone truly loves!! Take care and I know your Aunt Caren will keep me informed. Get well, I owe you a Mexican lunch, we need some good laughs, don’t you think maybe about your auntie, ha-ha..! Love & God Bless your friend from Washington.

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