A Different Kind of Weekend

Last night Caren, the kids, my mom and I celebrated Briar’s birthday.  We went out to a fun dinner (“the place with the giant chopsticks” -Aidan) and then had cupcakes and presents at their house.  Briar loved her presents (lots of monkey stuff – she hearts monkeys!).  She would open a gift and then say “mine?”  Not so much a declaration of ownership, but a question and in awe that it was really hers!  It was so sweet.

I was just thinking about the two days ahead. Thinking about how different it is to start the weekend HAVING answers! This isn’t lost on me – at all. I can end the week and start a new one knowing where, who and when I am having surgery. Such JOY in knowing those answers. The waiting can be so long – and I just can’t overlook how thankful I am in this very moment that I’m not stuck in the unknown right now. Seriously. Cool.

So, this weekend will be filled with packing and family time. I posted this on FB, but I’ll post it here as well:  it’s kind of fun to not be worried about packing weeks worth of “outfits!” 90% of my suitcase will be leisure clothes and slippers! I sort of love that part. 🙂

My nephew Aidan is disappointed that he can’t come to the surgery because he wants to bring me “worms” (gummy, sour worms) in the hospital. How sweet is that? Warms my heart!  Since Aidan can’t come to MN I really want to take him on a date and do something special before we leave for MN.  He and I have a special bond (although I could probably say this about each and every one of my nieces and nephews, but still….=).  So this weekend we’ll be spending some quality time together – or just snuggling at home with a movie and snacks – which is Fin & Aidan’s favorite lately.

But first the weekend starts off with another one of Aidan’s ski lessons.  The last one I’ll be able to attend this year.  I thought I would miss all of them, so I’m so thankful that I’ve hit five of them!  I’m sure I’ll have a few pics to post because I am that aunt.

One last thing – a few times a day it hits me how many people care and pray for me.  That isn’t lost on me.  Thank you. Thank you!

Have a fun weekend!


2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Weekend

  1. Sooo glad you are finally having surgery. I’ll keep you in my thoughts, and most importantly, my prayers. Blessings to you Geoffrey!

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