Play Date

Yesterday in the midst of trying to plan a few things (and chaos), I took Finley on a “play date” – as she calls our time together.  Usually, she comes over and we watch a movie or do something fun, but I knew I didn’t have much time  – so I figured a trip to Starbucks would suffice.  She informed me as soon as we had our drinks and sat down that the play date did not start until we got home (to Mammo’s house).  Oh no.  I had to explain to her that our trip to Starbucks was our play date.  She was super sweet – normal Finley stuff – lots of hugs, kisses and snuggles.  I took a pic with my phone of her drinking her hot chocolate and then she insisted that she and I have a photos shoot….

In the car, I told her that I was glad she gets to come to MN with her mom.  I wasn’t even talking about my actual heart surgery, just glad that she could be there with us.  And she said, “well, geooooo – there’s nothing to be scared about – it’s going to be fine.  Remember, I’ll hold your hand.”

What a gal!


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