Two Weeks Notice

Wow.  Crazy that the surgery date is scheduled – and 13 days away!  The majority of the reaction to yesterdays news was – “so soon?!”  And my reaction was – I was ready yesterday!  =)  I’m very happy with two weeks notice though.  It’s just enough time to get everything planned, packed and traveled.

This morning started out chaotic, but now as the day winds down – many plans are set in motion and reservations made.

The good news is that I talked to a great girl from Medicaid Transportation (hi! 🙂 and they are going to help!  Yahoo!

Lots more to say, but I’m running out the door….well, not running.  🙂

(A big thanks to everyone doing all the “behind the scenes” stuff – making calls, housing us, feeding us, childcare, praying for us, encouraging us, etc, etc!  You are all appreciated so very much.  We are certainly not alone in this quest.  Love you all!)

Stay tuned…


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