Can I vent for a minute?

I think I have been fairly patient with the people involved with my case throughout the past few months of this process.  Maybe the fault is mine – and that I don’t fully understand how lengthy this can be.  The first surgery date was such a breeze to schedule – I could never have imagined this is where we’d be months later!

Last Friday when I heard YES from the University of Minnesota, I was very thankful and happy for the news, but I was also cautiously optimistic. I really won’t fully believe it until I am admitted to the hospital for surgery.

The question I have heard the most this week is: When do you think they’ll call you to schedule for surgery? Um, the short answer is: I DON’T KNOW! Last week I asked all the questions – trying to get it out of the U of M peeps when they thought I’d be getting scheduled.  They couldn’t nail down a day/time….so I really have NO idea.  I could get the call on Monday or in three weeks.  I just don’t know.  But you guys will be the first to know when I find out!  =)

Sometimes insurance companies give the okay to schedule before all the paperwork is done, but not in my case.  (Which I’m checking into.)  I honestly thought I would have had a call to schedule this past Monday or Tuesday. I really didn’t think Friday would roll around (again) without a surgery date.  With that said, most of my week was very peaceful.  I think I was resting in the YES and not in the unknown.  Until Thursday rolled around….and then Friday….

But as has become routine – it is Friday.  The weekend is here and there is nothing more that I can do this week.  So, I will enjoy another weekend (and hopefully a ski lesson).


One thought on “Venting

  1. I really hope you have a surgery date soon. I can only imagine all the waiting must be incredibly stressful for you. Hugs

    On another note, I like WordPress for its accessibility features. I especially like not having to fill in a crazy word verification thing that is not accessible with my screen reader. Thank you for moving to an accessible venue.

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