In Mom's Words…

It’s been almost a week since we heard the good news of YES – to have the surgery at the University of Minnesota.  Still no surgery date and we are getting anxious.  Other than one email this week (that I initiated) we have heard nothing.  My mom sent the following email to a few peeps today and I thought I’d share it here:

Just a quick note to ask my family for some prayer support.  Geoffrey’s latest message about an inquiry as to a ‘date set’ was from the surgeon’s scheduler-assistant, saying she had heard nothing and it takes ‘a lot of time’ to work out the insurance paperwork.  Here is the reply:

“There is a lot of paperwork that needs to take place in order for this to go through..  Unfortunately  this is not a quick process and a lot of people need to be involved..  I do know they are working on this steadily.  I wish I could offer you more information but insurance and billing is out of my area.”

I am not comfortable with how this is still going on and on, so I’m asking for prayer that whoever’s desk this is information is on will be impressed to push it through and quickly.  I feel like our only hope is prayer.  Please pass this prayer request on to the masses.  Thanks.

Joanne Dickinson

(mother of the favorite daughter, Geoffrey) Haha!

Thanks, Mom!


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