Love you the mostest

So, on Monday I promised Finley that we could have a play date on Wednesday (today).  My phone rang at 10:30 this morning – and it was Caren.  Finley had been talking about our date all morning and was wondering when I was going to pick her up.  She also insisted that I wear my matching “Rockin the Bakken” sweatshirt.  She wears hers all the time – it’s her favorite!

At about 11:20 as I was headed out the door to pick her up I got a text from Caren, “She is so excited.”  Finley had even made up a song while she was waiting – she kept looking out the front window for my car!  I had a video of her singing the song, but it won’t work with sound.  😦

Our favorite activity to do together lately has been to climb in my bed and find a kids movie on Netflix.  Today it was The Princess and the Frog (for the millionth time?).  Anyway, we grabbed a bag of sour octopus gummies, whoppers, andy’s mints and hot chocolate.  She’s such a little cuddle bug and I LOVE that about her.  Half way into the movie she looked at me and said, “Um, Geoffrey?” Me: “What Fin?” Her: ” I love you.”

After the movie we played a few rounds of tag – a little challenging with only two players – and lots of hide and seek.  I love when I’m the seeker and I yell “FIn, where are you” and she answers “geooooo, I’m right here!”  Never gets old.

A few other fun Finleyisms:  Geo, do you ever take Yogi’s “college” off?  (collar)  I love aminals.  (animals)

Lately whenever any of us tell Finley we love her she says, “I love you the mostest.”  And she follows it up with “I WIN!”  (Apparently, whoever says the mostest part – wins.)  I hope she never quits saying that.  I love it. And I love her. The mostest.


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