Date Night with Aidan

Last night I picked up Aidan and then we surprised my mom and picked her up from work (and drove her to get her car after an oil change). It was so fun to have one kid at a time. On the way to pick up my mom, I asked Aidan about school. I always ask him the same questions, “How was school? What did you learn today?” His answers are almost always the same: “had a good day and I didn’t learn anything, Geo!” Last night was no different – it was the same answers as usual. And so I pressed him – “What did you do in school?” He said, “I did art. We do lots of art. I actually think I’m in art school.” So, there you have it. To Aidan: Kindergarten = Art School. Apparently, I should have done more research when I was looking for art school! ūüôā We ended the school conversation by talking about all the math and reading he does…..he’s SUCH a character!

That was just one of the MANY funny and entertaining things that Aidan had to contribute to our fun evening. After we picked up my mom (and he popped out of the back seat to surprise (and scare!) her – we went to dinner. He was so excited to order his very own dinner and drink. He had his favorite: mac and cheese and fruit.

I was asking Aidan about the month of February and if he knew all the fun stuff that happens this month. He asked me if I could go video that “hedge hog” who comes out and tells us if we’re going to have spring or not. When I explained to him that that groundhog happens to be very far away – he was disappointed. ¬†We also talked about Valentine’s Day and he said, “Geo, will you help me get Mammo (grandma) a valentine?” ¬†Of course I said yes. ¬†Then I asked him what else happens in February – and reminded him that his littlest sister turns two! ¬†He said, “I know what I’m going to get her!” ¬†Then he made me guess. ¬†Finally, he told me he was going to her favorite thing: a BINKIE! ¬†Hmmm….he knows her well. ¬†What a nice, thoughtful second birthday gift…!

After dinner we ran by the grocery store. Caren and the girls didn’t join us because they weren’t feeling that great and it is super cold here (like everywhere else!) ¬†My mom told Aidan he could pick out some special treats for his mom and sisters.
These are our favorites right now – thanks, Dad!
He was such a fun little guy last night and it was so fun to have him by himself.   He is so sweet (and funny!)


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