February is Here

February is here.  January is over.  I am glad to see “the January of 2011” to the door.  It will be a month to remember, for sure – the good, the bad and the ugly.

So much to look forward to in February: Briar turns 2, Valentine’s Day, everything and everywhere is pink and red, and we are one month closer to Spring! Yay!

Not much new to report on the health front.  I haven’t heard from the University of Minnesota at all so far this week.  Still just waiting for a call from the surgeon’s office so that we can schedule a date for surgery.

In the meantime, I decided to go ahead and cancel plan b.  An appointment had been made with a doctor in Seattle.  I got the information packet in the mail on Friday (after we heard the good news about the U of M) and the return address (and all the info inside) refers to “Swedish CANCER Center.”  So, I guess plan b is that I apparently suddenly developed caner now – UM, NO.  Wrong doctor, maybe?!  It was so crazy – I called to cancel the appointment and I explained what type of surgery I am having – the receptionist said, “we don’t do that type of surgery here.”  Hmm, ya think?!  Anyway, it was kind of funny that plan b turned out to be such a failure as plan a was turning into a success!

Happy February, everyone!

“And do everything with love….” 1 Corinthians 16:14


2 thoughts on “February is Here

  1. Geoffrey,
    We will be prayeing for you from Peru. Andy ans I check your site often but will be out of contact until Valentines Day. Who knows maybe you will have had your surgery by then! Just letting you know there are many of us praying theat may not be commenting on your site. You are an inspiration! Adios

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