Christmas was definitely different thisyear. Different is okay. We missed having Natalie & family here. Christmas Day there was much: food, pj’s, napping, eating, opening gifts, laughing, watching movies, snuggling, admiring each other gifts…..

This Christmas was full of MUCH.
A few highlights:
• Finley. Every gift she opened was awesome in her eyes. “Oh oh oh oh. You won’t believe what I got!” & “I’ve always wanted this!” Every gift opened was a sweet, sweet Finley reaction! Loved it.
• Aidan is such a big boy – 51/2 years old now! He was so sweet to his sisters and tried to wait so patiently. He loved admiring his sisters spoils too!
• Briar (for a 22 month old) loved opening presents. She loved her babies. She’s a wild girl and into everything. Always has food in one hand and usually a binky or baby in the other. She says to her mom, “I hug you, I hug you.”
Here are some other Christmas Season photos to enjoy!

The McShane’s snuggled in Aunt JoJo’s bed watching a movie after church.

Family Tradition: Making Mammo’s famous sugar cookies!

The little girls opening presents in their matching dresses from Natalie.
Yogi’s first Christmas with us. =)
Finley trying out her new blow dryer….on me.


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