I just re-read 2009’s wrap-up post. I still feel much the same, but can’t help but think that this year has been especially tough – in so many areas of my life. As always – there is much to be thankful for….and I really tried to hit on that during Novemeber (Thanksgiving).
The good stuff:
• Berkli Annabelle Harvey – getting to spend quality time with Natalie before, during & after Berk’s arrival
• the honor of choosing a name for Berkli
• long distance friendships
• fun times with my favorite little people (A, F, B, B, & H)
• quality relationships in our small group
• started attending a new church (to us) this autumn and loving it – it was time
• Thanksgiving in Jackson with all of my immediate family
• a month-long trip to the Midwest….quality time in Williston with family and friends & sweet time with friends in Minneapolis (and everywhere in between!)
• Natalie came home for a few weeks to help take care of me after two weeks in the hospital and 4 ER visits – even though she was soooo sick (pregnant with Berlki)
• the support, love, kindness – that so many people have shown me (and our family) throughout the year, but especially during my health stuff in May and now – during my heart surgery saga.
• lots of new designing projects (and Christmas Card clients!)
The tough stuff:
I want to remember this stuff as well because I want to look back in a year and see how all that God has done to redeem even the crummiest of situations.
• The elbow crisis of 2010. Much of April & May were spent in and out of the hospital trying to manage my left elbow. I was born with it dislocated and an unformed elbow joint. My left arm has always been weaker, but never really caused a problem until the past few years (working & going to college may have been the trigger?). It doesn’t hurt all the time, but every few months I have a “flare-up.” Somehow (usually I do too much or complications from being on coumidan) a blood clot forms and gets trapped within my elbow. It has to be drained with a few hours to a day or two or the blood hardens. After the blood hardens there is nothing the doctors can do but treat the pain. Which is terribly painful. The doctors prescribed so much pain meds that my heart and lungs couldn’t handle. (I coded three times.) My body took a major hit – my brain, heart & lungs. I’m now on a breathing machine and oxygen at time (and sometimes during the day). It took months to recover from brain part – my doctor likened the trama to a concussion.
• Out of the blue – finding out at a routine check-up that I needed open heart surgery. It was a tough day. I went through so many emotions during the two weeks of uncertainty. Not knowing what was going on exactly. The when, where, who (surgeon), what, etc. It was difficult to trust, but I didn’t have a choice. Finally, within three weeks everything for the surgery came together SO WELL. I mean – it was was a miracle.
• One phone call later – it all fell apart. Every. last. detail. I was crushed – even more so than the day I found out about the surgery. Shocked. I quit. I was done. For the last 12 days of 2010, we’ve been scraping to find a new plan. Starting completely over with almost every detail. But at least – I’m enjoying my new 32 in TV and bluray and apple TV! =)
On to 2011 with gusto! =)

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