Thanksgiving Recap

Well, family Thanksgiving in Jackson Hole was a huge success. Though we had a steady stream of obstacles since the day we booked the condo – we were all more determined than ever to make it work. We had loads of family time, a few games, a movie or two, shopping downtown, fires in the fireplace, good food, laughs, terrible road conditions, snuggling with nieces & nephews, a few good injuries…..

On our way to Wyoming, we had bad weather/roads. We got about half way to Jackson and the road was closed and there were NO hotels. We were all pretty disappointed. Especially after all the hurdles we’d have to jump just to get to that point. We drove an hour to Butte and found a hotel. As we were unloading all of our stuff in FREEZING below zero temps, I couldn’t help but wonder if this had been God’s plan all along.
[Side story: Because of the condition of my heart/lungs, I have to be on oxygen if I am above 4000 feet. Butte is about 5200 feet and Jackson is 6200 feet. When I am in high altitudes it is really painful – chest pain, headaches, short of breath, extreme fatigue. My lung and gp doctors advised against the trip, but my cardiologist and surgeon said it was okay.]
Anyway, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was God’s way of acclimating my body to the higher elevation. I hate to make a huge detour about me – but given the outcome…(Overall, (with the high elevation) I couldn’t have felt better. Seriously! I was AMAZED!) I prayed and prayed throughout our nights stay in Butte that God would open up the skies and clear the roads. I kid you not – we woke up to BLUE skies and had fairy good roads for about half of the trip! God is faithful and good.

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