from FB Notes

From Saturday, January 31, 2009

1. I love the smell of skunks. The scent reminds me of family road trips.
2. I love being around people, but desperately need my “alone time,” as well.
3. If someone borrows something I get annoyed if it’s not put back in the right place.
4. My closet is color coordinated, but my dresser drawers are a mess!
5. My mom calls me her hero for all of my hospital stays, but really-I think she is the brave one.
6. I am very finicky about certain smells – especially foods. If I smell (or see) something unappealing I loose my appetite immediately.
7. I am passionate about politics and Jesus.
8. I love tanning and being tan – makes me feel and think I am healthy! To me, that’s worth any risks.
9. I enjoy keeping in touch with friends and family. Though I spend hours on the phone each week – I’m not a big fan of talking on the phone.
10. I think I am a Gilmore Girl. Geoffrey Gilmore.
11. I love popcorn and could eat it for every meal.
12. I love to cook and try new recipes – it’s like therapy for me.
13. I’m a goal setter.
14. When I’m in a lot of pain, I swear like a sailor.
15. I’m extremely sarcastic. My sarcasm has gotten me into trouble a few times. I’m constantly saying, “just kidding.”
16. I have hidden my candy (Easter basket, Halloween, valentines, Christmas stocking, etc) since I was little from my parents and sisters, but never managed to finish eating the candy before the next holiday rolled around!
17. There have been very few times in my life that I get frustrated with the things I cannot do (health-wise). Though I beat myself up for not doing well – to the best of my ability – the things I can do.
18. I was paralyzed when I was 14 because of back surgery complications. I was in a wheelchair for about 18 months. I re-learned how to do a lot of everyday tasks and was in a rehab hospital 650 miles from my hometown for months, but had never felt closer to God, family & friends.
19. If I’m reading a good book – I usually finish within a day or two. And occasionally read the last sentence first. Oops.
20. I love driving through mountain passes (usually fast) with worship music playing LOUD! It’s such a thrill and stress reliever!
21. I love my job, but enjoy it most when I am designing something for a friend or family member.
22. I love having two sisters and enjoy that as adults we still enjoy wearing matching clothes, a game of sudoku or any game, a day of Gilmore girls….
23. LOVES a living room dance party with my nieces and nephews! Can life be any simpler or joyful?! I also love seeing characteristics in my niece/nephews that remind me of my sisters or other family members.
24. Loves and misses North Dakota.
25. I think doing a DTS was one of the most challenging, stretching, growing experiences of my life – and one of the best!



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