Finley's Day


Yesterday I picked up Finley for a coffee date – our first of many, I hope! She’s finally at the age that I can handle her alone in public. She looked sooo cute – I wish I had a photo of her whole outfit. As we left her house, she saw my car parked on the street and asked if we were taking my car or Mammo’s. Well, of course we were taking mine (it was the only one on the street) and she made the comment, “wow geo, your car is stho (so) black.” She’s all about her colors right now – so it made sense, but was funny because my car is so black, but covered with layers of dirt!

We walked into Starbucks hand in hand and ordered a kids hot chocolate and a short white chocolate breve. We found a table in the corner and started to enjoy our drinks and conversation. I snapped exactly three photos – and with the second sip of hot chocolate almost to her mouth – the lid on her cup popped off…dumping hot chocolate all over her pants and mine. We were soaked and cold! Of course she wasn’t in trouble – but I looked at her sad little face and she said, “geo, I want to go home now.” I tried to clean us up as best I could, packed up our stuff, ordered two more hot chocolates (one for Fin, one for Aidan) and walked to the car. Once I had her buckled, she said, “geo I want to go home, change my clothes and come right back here, okay?” On the way home, I asked her to sing me songs all the way. (I told her a story that when she was younger, I’d ask her “what do you want to talk about, Finley?” And she’d say, “Jesus loves me this I know, Geo.”) Then she sang me Jesus Loves Me and ended by closing her eyes and saying, “I just looove that song.”

Well, we went back to her house and she changed into a pretty dress and then we brought our drinks back to Mammo’s house and played a few games and had a snack and played with Yogi.


Sooo – today – I picked Finner’s up to get a haircut. She hasn’t been feeling too great and wasn’t too thrilled about getting her haircut, but we decided to go for it anyway. Her mom gave her the money to pay for her haircut and she was very proud of the 20 bucks in her pocket. She told me that she was a good girl and cleaned her room and then she got money for it. (Which is a tall tale!) We got to the salon and in the chair – Finley with her chin to her chest would NOT look at Susan who was going to cut her hair. She looked at me and said, “I don’t feel good, Geo.” Ahhh, I felt bad for her, but I also knew we just needed to get it over with. (She has been so excited to get her haircut for the past few weeks.) So, I talked to her and finally she looked up and Susan got started. More and more Fin loosened up. Everyone there was loving her and her cute little face. It’s so fun to watch them, watch themselves in the mirror! She kept showing Susan the $20 in her pocket. When it was time to pay – I took the money from her to hand to the lady, but Finley insisted, “No, I do it.” As we were walking out, Fin said, “I think my hair is perfect, Geo.” Ahhh, priceless! Yay! I asked her a few minutes later how she felt….How do you feel? “Not good, not good.”


25 {random} things that make me smile

1. maintainable long-distance friendships.
2. a smiley one year old niece.
3. the thoughtfulness behind my new camera (from the fam).
4. mini strawberry cupcakes with a fluffy powdered sugar frosting.
5. that the scent of freshwater cucumber reminds me of a certain mexico cruise with b.
6. friendships that penetrate the surface stuff.

7. hope.
8. memories.
9. fresh tunes & pandora.
10. these faces:
11. lent: remembering Jesus’ sacrifice.
12. the man that jogs by my office window everyday around this time 3:17. he has a “unique” jog.
13. the sun is out.
14. my “swim team” at the therapy pool monday, wednesday, friday at exactly the same time.
15. that for 14 days there is world peace at/during the Olympics.
16. the Olympic creed: “The most important thing is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered, but to have fought well.” Pierre De Coubertin
17. yogi.
18. remembering all that God has done in my life:he is faithful.
19. thinking about my next niece or nephew arriving in july and that I get to be there!
20. dreaming big.
21. family that not only cares, but acts on it.
22. future travel planning.
23. new recipes.
24. anticipation of whether or not the bulbs we planted this fall with bloom this spring/summer.
25. studying about Esther and her story.

Ladies Game Night

>I’m surrounded by flat berry limeade punch and leftover cupcakes and cream puffs – all sweet, sweet memories of a fun filled game night with new and old friends.

I really wanted to get all the ladies together for a game night – who doesn’t love a game night? The idea actually started to form during the Holiday season. Being that Holidays are such a busy time for everyone, I figured we should wait to host the party until the New Year. Winter can be so long and blah and I knew we’d all need a pick-me-up by February!

In the past four or five months, I have had numerous conversations about wanting/needing girl time and fellowship. It seems that with all the social networking we do – valuable time spent with each other is lacking. Facebook, Twitter and texting are a great way of quick communication – especially with long distance friends & family, but it doesn’t take the place of quality time and fellowship.
I sent out about 25 invitations to friends in the area. The response was so encouraging – about 20 RSVP’d that they would be making it – and they were excited! I was thrilled, so so so looking forward to getting to know some of the ladies better and reconnecting with friends I don’t see nearly as often as I’d like.
We decorated with pink and red – since Valentine’s Day was so close. Even the punch was red/pink. It made it more fun to have a theme! We provided beverages and dessert and had everyone bring an appetizer to share. The desserts were so much fun to make. I made heart-shaped brownies with chocolate sauce drizzled over them, Hershey Bar Squares, mini strawberry cupcakes with powdered sugar icing and my mom made lemon bars! The food was delicious! We had such a great variety of appetizers. I was so busy running around that I didn’t get to enjoy nearly enough food! =)
As the ladies came in the door, we gave them a name tag and a heart necklace. The heart necklace was connected to a game we played. If you said any form of the word friend (friends, friendship, etc) whoever caught you – took your necklace. The person with the most necklaces won a prize!
We started out the night playing golf – a card game – we had three different tables going. We gave out prizes for the best and worst scores. Next we played several lively games of Catch Phrase. Fun times! The last ten ladies stayed around and finished off the night with a fast-paced game of Cranium: Turbo Edition. We laughed so hard at each other! We had two teams of five: the young verses the old!
I’m hoping to have another game night in March. Everyone was “game” for more game nights and seemed to have a fun time getting to know new friends, laughing and enjoying good food.

I’m thanking you, God, from a full heart, I’m writing the book on your wonders.
I’m whistling, laughing, and jumping for joy;
I’m singing your song, High God.
Psalm 9:1,2 (The Message)