A Movie(ing) Experience

This afternoon (Father’s Day) – I joined the McShane’s and went to the new Disney movie, “Up.” It’s a 3D flick – which was a new experience for me.

Aidan’s been so sweet since I have been home – saying things like, “I like you Geo” and “you’re a sweet girl, Geo.” As we were waiting on the curb, my 4 year old nephew held hands with me and we had a sweet chat. Soon the rest of the McShane family joined us and we ventured into the theater. Let me set the scene – three adults, Aidan (4), Finley (23 months), and Briar (5 months).
We bought our tickets (with Aidan clinging to me and holding my 3D glasses) and made our way to the snacks. Quickly accessing the situation – the busy theater, I decided Aidan and I would go save seats. Jollily, we made our way to the very back of the theater. . .
Soon the rest of the family joined us. At the last minute, Mr. McShane had decided to go see a different movie while the rest of us enjoyed “Up.” We all settled in. Aidan in his own seat, Finley on my lap, and Briar with Caren – 3D glasses in place. Soon the previews started and I noticed Finley was wimpering. She grabbed my hands and put them over her eyes – all I could think was – I hope she doesn’t do this the whole movie. The movie began and my hands were still locked in place (by Finley’s hands) over her eyes. Gradually, I gave her some snacks and took my hands down. Quickly, I noticed the 3D glasses were not going to last. Aidan wore his for about ten minutes while Finley barely lasted 30 seconds. Mine were covered in greasy fingerprints and I had double vision when I tried looking through them anyway. I tried to squint and watch the movie, but still had blurry, double vision. A headache started to creep in, but I was too busy to notice. Whenever Finley had something to say – which was often – she spoke extra loud, as if through the darkness I couldn’t hear her and she needed to turn up her volume. She had great requests like, “more pockcorn, geo; more knack, geo; pretty hair, geo (as she runs her greasy, sticky fingers through my first day hair); Hi, Aidan! (waving, like she just realized he was sitting beside her); where’s mommy, geo?; Hi, Briar! (again with the waving); my hands sticky (duh, thanks); more knacks, geo; where’s mom?; i wub you, geo geo; this scarwy, geo; look, geo bawoons!!; and the list goes on. I’d take her little face and whisper in her ear, “Fin, talk quietly, okay?” She’d pull back my hair and find my ear and whisper, “okay, geo.” Two seconds later – in her booming voice – “Hi, Aidan – I want more pockcorn!!”
I knew the grandparents with their grandchildren in front of us had to be feeling annoyed and probably groaned when they saw us walk into the theater, but I kept reminding myself that it was a KIDS MOVIE. In the end, Finley made a trying 3D experience – more enjoyable and certainly more entertaining.
3D note – I asked an eye doctor why I couldn’t see the movie well and he told me because my eyes are not lined up evenly. Makes me feel a lot better. I thought their was something seriously wrong with me. Too bad I’ll miss out on anything 3D, but I’ll just bring Fin – she’ll surely entertain!!