I Heart White Vinegar.

The End.

Okay, not really. Of course as usual – I have a lot to say about this subject. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that white vinegar is changing/has changed my life. Forever. I’ll never be the same.
Okay. It’s not that dramatic. But, please – have you seen what that stuff can do?! It’s pretty awesome and crazy. Actually, crazy awesome.
This website gave me some pretty great ideas. Of course, it was after I had already made my own concoction and soaked my limed-up tea kettle and plugged coffee maker – both came out marvelous! Earlier in the week I read a great post by PW (if you’ve yet to meet PW – take a few hours and catch up!) on using a vinegar solution in your hair to help strip the chemicals/minerals from the tap water. I have done this twice and notice lighter, shinier, and overall healthier looking hair. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not a complete transformation. But sometimes a little improvement is a lot of improvement. Ya know?!
On to my next white vinegar adventure. Stay Tuned…..

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