When you’re building a fence it’s helpful to have a 3 (almost 4) year old assistant.  As a matter-of-fact, it is essential.  Although I have noticed that they tend to take lots of breaks, play while on duty and take an occasional siesta under the picnic table.  Actually, I am not sure how seriously this particular 3 year old is taking his task as assistant.
Things we do know:
-he fits into the fence post hole nicely and comes out with pockets FULL of dirt!
-he enjoys lemonade and a snack on his break (preferably candy)
-his new ball also fits nicely into the fence post holes – especially when a certain boy pushes it in the hole.
-his new ball also looks awesome when it’s flying through the air and lands in the neighbors yard.  (it’s still there).
-his sisters new ball also lands itself over in the neighbors yard.
-the 3 year old is now watching Noggin on the couch.  Breaks over?
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