My Ridiculous American Idol Post – Take Two

Tonight’s theme: Songs from the year the contestants were born.

(I miss Megan Joy.)
1. Danny – Stand By Me, ’80: I love him. Even before he starts singing, I love him. Love the raspy-ness in his voice tonight. I enjoyed the arrangement. I love when we works the crowd/stage. (note to Paula: quit dancing!)
2. Kris – All She Wants to do is Dance, ’85: Not a big fan of the song. He did a fine job though I don’t think it was his best performance ever. I just couldn’t really get past that I don’t like the song – in general. (I think Simon overuses the word “indulgent.”) I think I agree with the judges. Too much. Too jazzy.
3. Lil – What’s Love Got to do With It, ’84: Predictable song choice. Boring until the chorus started – even then – not very exciting. I don’t think she’s got it. I’m not sure that anyone can adequately fill Tina Turner’s shoes (or voice). As far as the judges go – they give her the same critique EVERY week and she’s not improved/changed. Right?
4. Anoop – True Colors, ’86: Love his green striped sweater. I want one. I love this song and I think he did a nice job….though it started out slooow. I actually enjoyed how he sang the song. Nice vocals – he showed this song who’s boss. I agree with Paula (shock, shock) – he’s the best thus far. One more thing – the last “rainbow” wasn’t a great way to end it.
5. Scott – The Search is Over, ’85: His hair is much better tonight. I’m glad he wasn’t “channeling” the 80’s this week with his hair. He’s away from the piano! Wow, I’m impressed with him – that’s a big step. For the most part, I didn’t like his version of the song, nor did I like the electrical guitar. I actually winced while he sang this song. Man, I hate to be so harsh. Wonderful personality, but not an American Idol.
(I feel old.)
6. Allison – I Can’t Make You Love Me, ’92: Great song choice. I think she hit it right on for her style with this song. I am starting to actually enjoy listening to her and I really didn’t until last week. She’s the front runner so far – sorry Anoop. (Oh, and she reminds me of Kelly Clarkson, too).
7. Matt – Part Time Lover, ’85: Love his look tonight. Finally, loving his look. He actually looks the part tonight. Love it. He rocked it. Okay – perfect example – not a fan of the song, but he changed that for me. He was 100% on, baby! (Paula, I can’t see – sit down & quit hanging on Simon!)
8. Adam – MY DVR cut off. (I’m kind of relieved, sorry people.)
My picks: Matt & Allison (sorry, Danny)
Okay, so I was born June 2, 1981. Thought it would be fun to see the top five songs from ’81:
1. Bette Davis Eyes
2. Endless Love
3. Lady (I do love Kenny)
4. (Just Like) Starting Over
5. Jessie’s Girl
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