I have noticed for a few weeks now how dry and damaged my hair feels (and looks). It doesn’t even have a healthy glow to it anymore. The long winter months of cold and no sun have taken their toll on my poor head of hair. One day I was taking a closer look (depressing) at the ends of my hair and noticed almost every piece is split and a few pieces broke off in my fingertips. I have been growing my hair out for about 2 1/2 years.

(This photo is from summer ’06 when I started the long, arduous journey (oh, life is hard) of growing out my hair. On second thought – I’m not sure why I’m sharing this photo – I look like a boy.)
The first year during that time period I had a handful of “trims” that turned out to be a nice butchering in my efforts to have the beautician trim ONLY THE ENDS. For whatever reason, the same girl got it in her mind that I wanted to maintain a short hair
style or she just got to talking/distracted and took out her boy troubles on my hair. Why? I am not sure because I remember being

very clear that I was growing my hair out. After about the 4th time that happened I switched girls. Yeah – it took me a few times to learn that lesson.
For the past 1 1/2 years, I have tried fastidiously to maintain the length by trimming every 3-4 months. Finally, I am at a length that I am loving, but not so pleased with the effects of winter and the havoc it’s wreaked on my tresses.
Tomorrow I am getting my hair trimmed. I am really looking forward to it. I love a hair cut and how it not only is great for the hair, but also a lift in my spirit. Puts a little bounce in my step and a smile on my face. Just makes me feel good knowing all those damaged, dry ends found a new home to dwell and far away from my head and life. Freedom reigns in this place.
In all seriousness, I was thinking about how great I really do feel after being “pruned.” I’m not talking about vanity – it is just a boost to get a new haircut or even just a trim. Similar to how healthy and wonderful I feel after a day in the sun and tanned skin. I was thinking about how relatable this tangible feeling is to when the Lord prunes us. It is not always easy or a fun process, but the result is pretty amazing. The whole purpose in trimming our hair is to promote and allow growth and rid our tresses of the old stuff that inhibits new and faster development.
I think my relationship with the Lord is very similar to my relationship with my hair. With my relationship with the Lord there have been valleys and desserts, but oh – are those moments on the mountain so so so wonderful.

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