Ten Things :: Winter Edition

Stuck in a rut?  Tired of seeing the snow fall – especially when spring officially started ten days ago? Are you over the gloom and lack of color outdoors? Below are a few ideas to celebrate the last days (hopefully) of winter and welcome warmer days of spring and summer – all from the comfort of your own home.

Things to do During the Winter – When Stuck Indoors.

1. Wear sunglasses on your head. Every time you catch a glimpse in the mirror – it’ll remind you of summer days…and you’ll look ridiculous!
2. Wear flip flops around the house.
3. Download your Spring/Summer ’09 Hits – Download new tunes to blast in your car/house this summer on a road trip or quick run to the store!
4. Plant flower/vegetable seeds inside!  Great kid project.
5. Make lemonade, bbq, iced tea, strawberry shortcake, fruit pizza – etc – Prepare and enjoy “summer foods.”
6. Be prepared to spend the whole day inside with all your fall/winter favorites.  Hot chocolate, pot of soup, classic movies, game day!
7. Stay in your warm jammies all day.
8. Spring Clean – it may not be spring outside, but you can get a head start on enjoying the spring weather (when it shows up) by getting your cleaning done early!
9. Read your favorite books ALL day.
10. Craft it up!  Finish all those projects – knitting, scrapbooking, organize your recipes, sewing.
Even better – combine a few of them.  You’ll completely forget the snowflakes falling outside!  (We can dream, right?!)


For B – my bff stuck in a blizzard in Fargo, ND!

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