Happy Thursday!

As promised last Thursday – here’s the story about my love and attachment with/to er (the tv show, not the location).
In 1995, I spent a few months in a rehabilitation hospital to learn how to walk/live again after being paralyzed due to complications from a back surgery. During that loooong stay in the hospital (and being 13 hours away from our hometown) my mom and I tuned in to er faithfully every Thursday night. It became a tradition for us. My mom would pop a bag of microwave popcorn (popcorn is my favorite treat – ever) and put extra real butter on it for added calories – ’cause I really needed them in those days. Anyway, we’d hunker down, watch er, and try to avoid nurses and doctors during that time.
Kind of ironic to watch a show about the hospital while living in one for months!
After being released back to ND, we continued our newly found tradition and love for er. There have been times that the phone was turned off, doors were locked, and visitors turned away. If someone happened to be over at our house, the rules were reiterated: no bashing or making fun, no comments during the show and talking was ONLY allowed during commercials. Very strict rules to adhere to. Also, I’m not sure there has ever been an er night without popcorn. It’s a must.
I do have to say that over the years there has been more than one story line that has been questionable and I get very irritated by the liberal message throughout the series. Though somehow I have let it go and have kept watching. Marfan Syndrome has even been diagnosed on the show by Dr. Carter!
I am gearing myself up for the final farewell. I am sure there will be tears, sobbing most likely. It’s time for it to end though….
Three more shows to go . . .

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