March Weather & Blogging Madness

The scene: Cup of Earl Grey tea. This morning was a blizzard. The mountain behind my house (Lone Pine) couldn’t be seen! Just a few short hours later the sun shines bright, but the wind continues to howl.

Stepping Up: Week 4, Day One & Day Two

Can I just say that starting a day with scripture and prayer makes all the difference in the attitude I try to keep for the rest of the day?
I love the idea of blogging.  I love the concept of blogging.  I enjoy reading other blogs, friends and strangers.  I learn a lot, I laugh a lot, I smile a lot and even shed a tear occasionally.  All things considered – why is it so difficult for me to get in the groove?  If feels so forced sometimes – yet I am an avid journal-er and even keep a journal in a .doc on my laptop.
I completely realize that I am committing a MAJOR blog faux-pas at this very moment – blogging about blogging.  It’s wrong, people.  Trust me – I read a blog about the 13 things NOT to do when blogging!  Are you kidding me?!  😉  In the meantime, I’ll keep on trying!
Oh, both of my blogs are a work in progress.  Trust me, what you see now is NOT a finished product.  I’m hoping to have both my personal blog and design blog up and running (and lookin’ fine) in the next week or two.  Unchartered territory for me . . .

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